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1.Cooking over an open fire

June 21st 2019
– Summer Solstice Cocktails & Feast Location: Feed Bristol, 3-10pm

Foraged cocktails workshop led by James Wood from Totally Wild UK and a Feast cooked up on an open fire by Sean in the Woods. Inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the feast will be tucked away in the middle of Feed Bristol. Buy tickets here.

This event is part of Bristol Food Connections.


June 23rd 2019 – Campfire Cooking Workshop & Foraging Walk 11am-5pm
Location: Towerhouse Wood, Tickenham

Take a day with Totally Wild UK to grow your skills in cooking on an open fire and concocting meals from foraged ingredients. Children welcome. Buy tickets here.

 We are working on filling 2019 with regular events helping us to enjoy each month with all its wild ingredients we can cook with and make things from.

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If you are a supplier, venue owner, maker, or general fan of what we're doing and would like to get involved in one of our outdoorsy monthly events, please do get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!


basket from behind

MARCH 23rd 2019 – Spring Foraging Walks Location: Fernhill Farm, Bristol, Mendips

Come and explore the wonderful Fernhill Farm in Spring, learn the basics of foraging with Totally Wild UK and discover the vast array of edibles that can be found right under our noses! During the Forage you will be introduced to a number of edible species giving you tips on harvesting and correct identification. 
Photo credit: Totally Wild UK


DECEMBER 21st 2018 – Winter Solstice Location: Feed Bristol

We celebrated the shortest day of the year with crafty storytelling with The Wild of the Words by the fire based around The Tin Soldier and warmed up with some festive hot drinks and yummy winter supper cooked on the fire by the Feed Bristol team. Read our blog about it.

Photo credit: Steal The Day Photography