Looking out at view

Hello, I’m Hannah! I run Enamelware Events, which you can read more about here. Now a little about me… I'm creative, ambitious and a lover of getting out on adventures. Lately it seems I’ve been craving much of what was natural for me as a teenager - things like regular runs in the woods, daily drawing for my art projects and journalling. Since then, I gained a degree in English with Creative Writing, lived and volunteered in Argentina for one year, self-published a book in Oxford, had jobs working in the community and in youth work. Putting all those things together, and a recent interest in foraging (I mean, food for free, what’s not to love?!) and being a total recipe fanatic, it makes sense really that I’ve started this venture in offering creative outdoor events. If you’re familiar with the Enneagram*, I’m a three with a two wing. That’s the shortcut to finding out a lot about me!

wooden canoe boat and toes dipped in water

Currently, I have two jobs and Enamelware Events spills into my evenings and bits of spare time. I’m exploring funding routes for the events so that I can keep them at an attractive price while still safely covering the costs. Better yet, I'd like to be able to start covering my time later down the line, too! While I figure this out, there may be a bit of a gap in the events. Jen Carrington, a creative coach, recently wrote about different seasons in business. It was really interesting to reflect on it. I think, honestly, I’m in the first one, the ‘flicker of a flame season’, but occasionally I like to push ahead and go into the ‘mountain climbing season’ for a little while.

enamel mug and books

Once my two events in June are done, I will step back and really embrace the starting season that I’m in and get things really well set-up and being clear on what I’m trying to achieve with the creative outdoor events. Maybe my in-between season (read: impatient) could be seen as dipping my toes into the sea before running back to the safety of the shore.

Some news for now: I have decided to call the events side of things Wild Folk. You'll see the website will start to focus around this more and more. I feel this name captures the various sides of what I'm hoping to achieve - community, like-minded people coming together, traditions, folk music, poetry and art, a wildness, getting outdoors and many more lovely things!

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*I really recommend this podcast as an introduction to the Enneagram, a tool to finding out our core motivations and how to recognise when we're in stress and in health.

Photos are by Gem Hicks Photography.