I went to Cornwall in the middle of October and had a lovely time. So I thought I'd share what we did for some inspiration. As always we stayed with our friends in Truro which made things easy and affordable. They also hold a lovely balance of adventure and comfort.

Day 1 - We had an evening to relax, have some home-cooked food and then we went for a wet and windy night walk on a nearby beach. It was pouring with rain and pitch black, but we had an explore with the torches on our phones and discovered some crabs who we said hello to, disturbing one from his mating activity.

Day 2 - We started the day slowly with the rugby on TV, then headed to St Ives via a bakery to pick up some Cornish pasties for lunch. We had a wander around St Ives, enjoying the gift shops and the calm harbour, before arriving at our afternoon activity of pottery. We had booked ourselves in for a taster pottery session at St. Ives Pottery, for £15 each. We had a short demonstration from Angela and then each had a go on the wheel (a vintage electric one), making our own creations. I went for a small shallow bowl.

We paid £8 to have our creations finished in the kiln and glazed by Angela - they'll be ready in around 6 weeks. Can't wait to see what the final thing looks like! It was a really enjoyable experience, my first time using a pottery wheel and I'm look forward to having another go in the future.

In the evening, we went to Schooners restaurant on the edge of a beach. It was dark when we arrived, but I'm sure it has a beautiful view when you can see it. I still enjoyed the wild walk from the carpark to get there, feeling the wind as we got closer to the sea. I didn't take any photos of the meal as I was just enjoying the food and our time together. But I completely recommend it. If I could compare the experience to anything, it would be to one of my favourite Bristol spots - Poco.

Schooners (pronounced 'Skooners') offers small tapas plates with meat, vegan, veggie and GF options. They are colourful and have wonderful flavour combinations. The dishes I shared with my husband included a mackerel dish and soy and honey pulled pork. It is now closed until Spring 2020, but I recommend you visit if you get a chance next year. Delicious!

Day 3

We visited St Michael's Mount! It was really fun and it felt like I was properly on holiday. That might be because it reminded me of Mont Saint-Michel, the French equivalent which had a big influence on St Michael's Mount. But it still felt magical and exotic. It's a National Trust property so remember to bring your membership card if you have one. We visited within the opening times of the causeway at low tide (the walkway from the beach up to the island and castle). I think it could be fun to stay past that time though so that you have to get a boat back to shore.

After an explore of the castle and island (we saw the garden just from above as it was closed on the day we visited), we headed back down to the beach. We had about 1 hour on the island, which was enough but I would recommend 1.5-2hrs to allow time to spend some time in the shops and cafe.

We cooked salmon for 6 of us. We fried it with butter and salt and had it with bread and garlic mayonnaise. So so tasty! I also fried my bread in the pan for a bit. Delicious and so simple! Our friends used their Kelly Kettle for the setup.

Let me know your favourite Cornwall spots and if you make it to any of these places after reading this.


Happy travels - Hannah